October 24, 2016


Tuluzz.com is your daily dose of Tech Tutorials and Resources on various Web Technologies, Operating Systems, and Platforms. We write Useful tutorials on everything Tech that will help everyone in their day to day life.

We write how to articles on latest technological developments and advancements on the web, mobile, Online platforms, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac etc.

Technology is upgrading every day and the new advancements come with a lot of problems, bugs, and challenges.

So, we aim to provide the solution to this and hence launched Tuluzz.com

How to Crawl and Navigate on our Website

1.Search by Categories

Our Website is nicely designed and ordered by a variety of Categories given in the header menu. This is your First Point to Start looking for everything related to that Technology or Platform. But this will be a very broad search and hence uninteresting and boring to find right articles that will suit your interest.

Not recommended for new users.

2. Search by Tag

Use our Search Box and only Enter the Name of the Topic in Short (for e.g  Gmail, Drive, Chrome, Web 2.0, Email, Domains, Hosting etc. ) There, you will find the Tech Tutorials and Resources on that topic. This is the best way to search for your topic.

3. Using Google Search

Our Website is loved by Google and we write a detailed article for Everything Tech to help you understand and integrate the topic. So a good way to search is to search for anything in Google Search and just add our Brand Name at the end. For e.g

  • How to use Mail Merge + Tuluzz
  • Google Chrome Tips and Tricks + Tuluzz

Our aim is to help the non-techies and noobs to be professionals of their everyday job. We believe that time is everything and we all waste a lot of time daily looking for simple life hacks of technology.

Our Team

Want to Join us in our Mission and become part of our Core Team? Drop us an email at rahulgupta[.]de[@]gmail[.]com

To contact us, just use this link.

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