Animate.CSS – How to Add CSS3 Animations with CSS3 Library Perfectly

CSS3 Animations are quite popular these days with latest web designing trends and one such CSS3 Animation Library is Animate.css which let’s you create animations super easy and fun. Without CSS3, one has to first learn javascript to do, but if you are an expert of CSS Tricks, then there are options for you as well. And, today, I am showing :

How to Use Animate.CSS To Create CSS3 Animations Easily

Writing a Markup language, Programming language or CSS codes usually for non-technicals or non-coders becomes a tough job to overcome with! as they are in the learning phase.

So, How can we expect from them to add CSS3 Animations to their web portals and make the portal look alike and dashing. Usually, there are many solutions and alternatives to overcome these problems but the solution which is favorable and easy is to take the help of a CSS3 Library.

Yes ! CSS3 Library..

One of the CSS3 Library which is really AWESOME! to add different and attractive animations to your web portal is the Animate.css.

What is Animate.css?

Here’s the answer: Animate.css is a cross-browser library or you can say a very big collection of CSS animations effects. Animate.css is a project that is hosted on GitHub by a professional named “Daniel Eden” also very well known as Daneden.


The good thing about Animate.css is that it has 75+ different animation effects that certainly will modify your static website into a cool looking dynamic website. The animation effects properly come to view on all browsers which are supporting CSS3. The animations that are available on Animate.css can be used on Text, Images, Headings, Form elements and more.

Enough Lecture now let’s learn something practical:

Animate.CSS – How to Create Animations using CSS3 Library ?

The very first step to implement Animate.css or any is to include the Library in the website header file.

Step 1:

Include the style-sheet in between the <head> </head> section of your website that is available in header file.

Another solution if you’re not interested in including the stylesheet in the header file, you can call the stylesheet using the CDN (Content Delivery Network) of the CSS3 Library.

The version of Animate.css is hosted at CDNJS, you just have to call the CDN using the below code to be implemented in the header file in between <head> </head> section.

You’re now almost ready to give a BANNGG to your website the final step to do is:

Step 2:

Just add the class “animated” to the element (either text, picture etc.) you want to animate.

If you want to run the animation as an infinite loop, you can include the class “infinite“.

Below is the example to implement the code:

Step 3:

Now if you want to add different animation effects of your choice, you can just replace the animation with bounce in the example above.

For ex: <h1 class=”animated infinite swing”>Hello World</h1>

The different animation classes available for various effects are mentioned below:

  • bounce
  • flash
  • pulse
  • rubberband
  • shake
  • bounceOutDown
  • bounceOutLeft
  • bounceOutRight
  • bounceOutUp
  • fadeIn
  • fadeInDown
  • fadeInDownBig
  • fadeOutRight
  • fadeOutRightBig
  • fadeOutUp
  • fadeOutUpBig
  • flipInX
  • flipInY
  • flipOutX
  • flipOutY
  • lightSpeedIn
  • slideInRight
  • slideInUp
  • slideOutDown
  • slideOutLeft
  • slideOutRight
  • slideOutUp
  • and many more animation effects.

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How to Add CSS3 Animations with jQuery ?

One more thing, if you’re aware of Javascript or jQuery (a javascript library) then there is a lot more fun to do with animate.css. You can add more animations to more elements using jQuery quite easily. Let’s see how:

This doesn’t ends here, you can also add your code for the animation to end. See how:

Anyone who wants to add some duration and timings to the animation can also do the thing quite easily with the below CSS Codes.

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How to Add CSS3 Animations with Javascript ?

Adding animate.css animations is also possible with Javascript, just you have to use your Javascript logics and basics. Here’s how:

This is how you can a different as well as attractive touch to your website using Javascript with Animate.css.

Animate.css therefore can be a good option to carry out all type of text, picture or any other element animation with ease.

So , I hope these article will definitely benefit you and hope you guys will give a go through Animate.css and make your website look beautiful and attractive.

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