How to Assign Keyboard Shortcuts to Your Favorite Websites

Have you ever felt like you need to increase your web browsing productivity then you should learn how to assign keyboard shortcuts to a particular website? Visiting a website or webpage very often, then you must assign keyboard shortcuts to them with some simple steps.

How to create shortcuts for extensions in Google Chrome?

Step 1

Open Google Chrome, click the menu button, select more tools and then select extension as shown below.

Step 2

On the Extensions page scroll down below and you will see keyboard shortcuts icon.

Step 3

When you click the keyboard shortcuts icon a menu appears. Click inside the box next to an extension and press the combination of a key for creating a shortcut.

If you’re using the keyboard shortcut to activate the extension, you can hide the extension’s icon to free up some room on Chrome’s toolbar, as shown below.

In this way, you can set keyboard shortcuts in chrome.

How to create keyboard shortcuts in Internet Explorer?

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer. Click on favorites menu and right click on the website for which keyboard shortcut is to be created.

Step 2 

Select properties. In the properties box, click the web documents tab, now place your cursor on the shortcut key panel.

Step 3

Click the shortcut keys that you prefer on your keyboard and they will be displayed on the panel.

Step 4

Click Apply or OK. Now you can use the keyboard shortcuts that you have set.

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How to create keyboard shortcuts in Mozilla Firefox?

Step 1

Open Mozilla Firefox. Press ctrl+shift+A together to open the Add-ons manager in the new tab.

Step 2

In the search box, type menu wizard and then press enter.

Step 3

Now click Tools- menu- wizard or press shift+ alt+ M together to launch it.

You can also download Sailor shortcuts which is a firefox extension that let you create keyboard shortcuts for your 10 favorite websites and use the arrow keys to move between the tabs. To download Sailor shortcuts click here

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