BHIM App – Everything you need to Know About India’s New UPI Payment App

BHIM app is a Bharat Interface for Money (after Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar) which is a new digital payments app. It is a Mobile app developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and based on Unified Payment Interface (UPI).

BHIM APP for Android

It is available for Android users but doesn’t worry in some days it will also available for IOS and Windows users.  It will support Aadhaar based payment where transactions will be possible through fingerprint impression.

The UPI app supports all Indian banks which are live on UPI platform and built over the IMPS infrastructure and allows you to transfer money between any two parties.

As I tell you something about BHIM app and now you are interested how to use this app. So, I will tell you how to install and use this app with following steps.

  • Android users firstly download the BHIM App from Play Store. Download from hereNow Install and choose your language.
  • It will verify your mobile number using an SMS. Click on Next and wait for the verification process to be completed.

Bhim App 1

  • Once the verification is completed, input four digit passcode.
  • After a passcode is set, it allows selecting your bank.
  • Once the bank is selected, it automatically picks your details using your mobile number (which is registered).

Bhim App 4

  • Select the primary bank account that will be used for transactions.
  • Now, an app will display three options like send, request, and scan/pay.

Bhim App 2

  • Transactions are possible only if your mobile number is verified.
  • To send money someone, type their phone number and amount to be transferred.
  • Now, this app prompts you to input your MPIN, usually four or six digit code through that only money can transact.
  • Likewise only, you can also request money from someone.

bhim app 3

  • Now, the third option is scan and pay. It allows users to transfer money using QR Code which can be decoded by Smartphone or a tablet.

Note: If UPI is not activated, you can just put six digits of your debit card and expiry date. Then you can create a UPI PIN and will perform the action which you needed. If your friend doesn’t have UPI, on top of the send money option, you will see three dots. Tap on that and put it necessary details and you will able to transfer the money. Let’s talk about VPA Address.

Bhim APP 6

The VPA is a part of the UPI payment system. Firstly download the UPI app to get the virtual payment address. Then you have to link your bank account to the UPI app. It will link through a valid mobile number which is also linked to the desired bank account.

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After the mobile verification, you have to go verification. It can be grid, security answer or any other authentication. After authentication, you can create your VPA for your account.

How to Transfer Money Using VPA

  • Open the UPI app
  • Enter the PIN and choose the option of fund transfer.
  • Enter the details
  • If you have multiple accounts/virtual payment addresses, you can choose the VPA you would like to debit.
  • Click on Submit and confirm all the details.
  • Enter MPIN to authenticate the fund transfer.

How To Get Money Using VPA

  • Open the UPI App and choose “Collect via UPI”.
  • Enter the VPA of the person
  • Enter the amount and remarks.
  • If you have multiple accounts/virtual payment addresses, you can choose the address to which you want money.
  • Submit the details and wait for approval.

Not only the Virtual Payment Address, the UPI also working on Payments using Aadhaar number which is suitable for the rural area. At last, don’t forget the Apple IOS users which are also large in numbers and government is working on them. As soon as possible, our team will upload all the details of IOS users so please keep patience.

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