Bounce.js – How to Create Javascript Animations Easily Without Writing Code

Javascript Animations are now ruling the internet as they are awesome in every sense. Creating Javascript and CSS3 animations has also become easy and convenient even if you’re not a person of coding, it’s just with the use of various CSS3 libraries.

Another very cool JavaScript Library that will renovate all your website fonts, links, elements, images, logo etc. instantly is: Bounce.js.

What is Bounce.js?


Bounce.js is an advance tool or you can say it as JS Library that enables a user to create attractive and beautiful CSS3 powered keyframe animations within few seconds of work.

If you want to do animations speedly then for sure Bounce.js will do it for you. It is a powerful Javascript library that contains various keyframe animation effects that will make sure that you’re website looks dynamic and attractive.

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How to use Bounce.js – Tutorial?

Exporting CSS:

  1. Navigate to Bounce.js official website
  2. On left side Add your component or Select your Preset
  3. After selection just select all your parameters to tweak the preset in below mention drop-downs.
  4. After all then just click on Export CSS and just take down all the animations and keyframes and put it in your project or your portal.

Note: To learn more about all the parameters than just read out the whole article.

In this method you have various options like: Live preview, Loop Animation, Slow Animation, Short Url and more. It is easy and fast method to carry out CSS3 animations for your website instantly.

Now let’s learn more deeply:

How to Create Animation using Bounce.js Library ?

In Bounce.js you can either add your own component or select a Preset. Learn more about Bounce.js below.

If you are adding your own component then there is something to learn about and that is:

You first have to select any of these four methods that are scale, rotate, translate and skew.

These four methods further accept a number of common options that are must to build your custom style.

The further parameters are from and to parameters that usually takes control of the start and end points of the animation.

Next parameters that define your style are:

Easing: It basically includes “bounce”, “sway”, “hardbounce”, “hardsway” type tools to give more dynamicity to the component built.

Duration: It handles the animation duration and the duration of animation is in ms. Default is set to 1000ms.

Delay: It takes care of the delay in animation. Default is set to 0.

Bounces: Takes care of total bounces in the particular animation. Default is set to 4.

Stiffness: It very looks after the stiffness of the bounces, it must be between 1 and 5. Default is set to 3.

Now if you want to create an animation, then first you have to instantiate a new Bounce object:

Now if you want to the Bounce object to rotate then you have to use the below code:

Now if you want to apply the animation to a single or a list of elements in your project or in your website then you can use it through below code:

Now if you want to Remove the animation then you can just use:

Bounce.js is really a very handy tool to come up with and using the JS library a user can really create cool animations and transitions just by adding up parameter values.

Bounce.js is a free javascript library tool and is also a named project on Github.

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