Download Opera Neon Now – A concept Browser by Opera for Windows, Mac

Opera Neon is an astonishing new future concept browser developed by Opera. I loved the Opera Neon Concept and it brings you the best experience of surfing the web. It will give you a glimpse of how future web browsers can be. The Neon browser uses your PCs wallpaper as background and gives a more clear interface.

The Neon browser uses your PCs wallpaper as background and gives a more clear interface.

And this exciting new concept by Opera is available for download right now. To download and install Opera Neon follow the given steps:

How to Install Opera Neon Browser on your Windows/ Mac

Step 1

Download the Opera Neon from this link. Opera Neon can be downloaded for Windows, Mac as well as Android.

Step 2

After the download is complete open the downloaded file.

Step 3

Now click on run.

Step 4

Now click on “accept and install”.

Step 5

Wait until the file is installed.

With this you are done, you can now enjoy browsing with Opera Neon.

Some Amazing features of Opera Neon

  • Floating tabs & Wallpapers feasting your Eyes

It offers visual tabs and the Omnibox that float into the kickstart of your browsing session, it brings your computer wallpaper into the browser or if you want to go full neon then download the free neon wallpapers from this link.

  • Free your Mind

l.With features like video pop-up, split-screen modes & improved visual tabs, it makes browsing easy as well as beautiful. If you like any image you don’t need to stuff them into folders, just collect them into the built-in-snap-to-gallery tool, also you can gather media playing tabs together in the player panel.

  • Split-screen mode

If you want to work on two web pages then split-screen allows you to browse two web pages at a time by simply dragging the visuals tabs to the right or left panels. 

  • Video pop-out & Player

In this browser, videos can be popped out into their own adjustable and movable window so that you can watch videos along with browsing. On the left sidebar, there is a player panel that organizes all the tabs playing music or videos into a single panel so that they are easily accessible.

  • Visual Tabs & Gravity

If you visit similar websites on your browser then stop rummaging for such sites, in Neon browser uses colorful visual tabs to find the pages you need, the Opera’s neon gravity pull the most used tabs to the most prominent position on your speed dial.

Using Opera Neon is a great experience and you should definitely try it at least once and With its exploring new features I am sure you will get addicted to it.

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