How to Download Videos in Google Chrome From Facebook

Many of us keep searching how to download videos from Facebook in Google Chrome, We all surf hundreds of videos daily on Facebook and keep liking it.

Most videos shared on Facebook are generally from video streaming giants like YouTube, Dailymotion, and Custom Platforms.


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From deep inside, we keep thinking to share that video with our family and friends or any other social platforms. But for that we must have the correct path of the video or it should be on our PC/Laptop and Facebook has kept its users from a long time by not allowing users to let freely and easily download facebook videos embedded on their platform but no need to worry, We have the accurate ways to download the videos from facebook in Google Chrome.

In this post, first you all gonna see about the best Google Chrome extensions which let you download videos from Facebook and in another section, you all gonna explored about the Manual method to download Facebook videos.

So, Here is the sneak preview of Google Chrome extensions that would help you to download Facebook Videos for Free.

1. Awesome Facebook Video Downloader


This extension helps you to download any videos from Facebook. If you will download this extension the download button will appear under the video column on Facebook. It is very easy to download videos from Facebook by using this extension.

2. FBDown Video Downloader


It is the Most Popular Video Downloader in the Store. You can Download videos from Facebook for free and also you can download video from any website with the help of this extension. With the help of this tool, you can also download Mp3 files, It is the Fastest video downloader extension, Click here to check this extension.

3. Video Downloader by Smarts file


Facebook video downloader by Smartsfile allows you to browse all of your facebook videos as well to watch, download and backup them to your computer. It has a very easy interface, all videos from your facebook account are been loaded and you can navigate through them as well to watch them before downloading and backing them up. You can also download this on Google Play store. Click Here to Download it.

4. Facebook Video Downloader Ultimate


Facebook Video downloader Ultimate help you get video easiest in the three steps. Simply Hove your mouse to near video, click right 2 times. Now click to Download SD video or Download HD video. The Next is to Right click and selects Save as to download a video to computer. Check the Facebook Video downloader Ultimate

5. Video Downloader Professional


Video Downloader Professional is the google chrome extension which allows you to download videos from websites or just collect them in your video list without downloading them. Download and save videos with the help of this Extension. With the help of this extension, You can easily download videos from here.

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Download Videos From Facebook

Now, Let me reveal how to download Facebook Videos directly from your Google Chrome Browser for free, this is the manual process and you can download the video easily, Just look out the steps.

Step:1 Log in with your Username and Password on Facebook.

Step:2 Find the Video and page, you want to save.

Step:3 Right-click on the video and select Open in a New Page.


Step:4 While Video Opens in a new tab, just click on the Inspect Element which will lead you to the developer tools.

Step:5 After that click on the Network tab, which is located at the top left.

Step:6 Then start playing the video. You might have to play it through a couple of times. Finally, click the Type column and find the video file.

Step:7 After finding it, look under the name path on the left it on the same row. Right-click to open that link and open a new tab.


Step:8 Now right-click on the video again. Click Save video as.

Step:9 Just save the video format and you are done.

This is how you can download the video with the help of Google Chrome for free, It needs little effort to download. This is the easy steps which will help you to save the videos to your desktop and PC.

Let me know your opinion which is the best method to download Facebook videos in Google Chrome in the comment section, Love to hear from you.

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