Most Useful Mozilla Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts (2017)

Do you love to scroll the web page on Mozilla Firefox? If yes, then these Mozilla Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts would help you a lot. Firefox is the second most used Internet Browser, just after the Google Chrome.

Firefox is widely used among the developer’s community and is mostly loved due to its open source nature and a huge list of Firefox Addons that comes free with this browser to extend its functionality.


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Today’s post is all about the Firefox Keyboard Shortcut which is lesser known and useful. It’s very good that the various browser provides the keyboard shortcuts which helps the user to complete their work in a very short period of time.

Have a look: – “Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts that will Make Your Life Easier

So, Let’s have a look to these useful firefox keyboards shortcuts to save your time..!!

Back Alt + ←Backspace
Forward Alt + →, Shift + Backspace
Open-File Ctrl + O
Reload F5, Ctrl + R
Reload (override cache) Ctrl + F5, Ctrl + Shift + R
Stop Esc
Go Down a Screen Page Down
Go Up a Screen Page Up
Go to Bottom of Page End
Go to Top of Page Home
Move to Next Frame F6
Move to Previous Frame Shift + F6
Print Ctrl + P
Save Page As Ctrl + S
Zoom In Ctrl + +
Zoom Out Ctrl + –
Zoom Reset Ctrl + 0
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Delete Del
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste (as plain text) Ctrl + Shift + V
Redo Ctrl + Y
Select All Ctrl + A
Undo Ctrl + Z
Find Ctrl + F
Find Again  F3, Ctrl + G
Find Previous Shift + F3, Ctrl +, Shift + G
Quick Find within link-text only        Hold this (‘)
Quick Find        /
Close the Find or Quick Find bar Esc
Focus Search bar Ctrl + K, Ctrl + E
Quickly switch between search engines Ctrl + ↑, Ctrl + ↓
View menu to switch, add or manage search engines Alt + ↑, Alt +, ↓F4
Close Tab  Ctrl + W, Ctrl + F4
Close Window Ctrl + Shift + W, Alt + F4
 Move Tab in focus Left Ctrl + Shift + Page Up
Move Tab in focus Right Ctrl + Shift + Page Down
 Move Tab in focus to start Ctrl + Home
 Move Tab in focus to end Ctrl + End
 Mute/Unmute Audio Ctrl + M
 New Tab Ctrl + T
New Window Ctrl + N
New Private Window  Ctrl + Shift + P
Next Tab Ctrl + Tab, Ctrl + Page Down
Open Address in New Tab Alt + Enter
 Previous Tab  Ctrl + Shift + Tab, Ctrl + Page Up
Undo Close Tab Ctrl + Shift + T
 Undo Close Window  Ctrl + Shift + N
Select Tab 1 to 8 Ctrl + 1to8
 Select Last Tab Ctrl + 9
 History sidebar Ctrl + H
Library window (History) Ctrl + Shift + H
Clear Recent History Ctrl + Shift + Del
Bookmark All Tabs Ctrl + Shift + D
Bookmark This Page Ctrl + D
Bookmarks sidebar Ctrl + B, Ctrl + I
Library window (Bookmarks) Ctrl + Shift + B
 Downloads Ctrl + J
Add-ons Ctrl + Shift + A
Toggle Developer Tools F12, Ctrl + Shift + I
Web Console Ctrl + Shift + K
Inspector Ctrl + Shift + C
Debugger Ctrl + Shift + S
Style Editor  Shift + F7
Profiler Shift + F5
Network  Ctrl + Shift + Q
Developer Toolbar Shift + F2
Responsive Design View Ctrl + Shift + M
Scratchpad Shift + F4
Page Source Ctrl + U
Browser Console  Ctrl + Shift + J
Next page N or J or →
Previous page P or K or ←
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + –
Automatic Zoom Ctrl + 0
Rotate the document clockwise R
Rotate counter clockwise Shift + R
Switch to Presentation Mode Ctrl + Alt + P
Toggle Hand Tool  H
Focus the Page Number input box Ctrl + Alt + G
Complete .com Address Ctrl + Enter
Complete .net Address  Shift + Enter
Complete .org Address Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Delete Selected Autocomplete Entry Del
Toggle Full Screen F11
Toggle Menu Bar activation (showing it temporarily when hidden) Alt or F10
Toggle Reader Mode Ctrl + Alt + R
Caret Browsing  F7
Select Location Bar Alt + D, Ctrl + L
Toggle Play / Pause Space bar
Decrease volume       ↓
Increase volume       ↑
Mute audio Ctrl + ↓
Unmute audio  Ctrl + ↑
Seek back 15 seconds     ←
Seek back 10 % Ctrl + ←
Seek forward 15 seconds     →
Seek forward 10 % Ctrl + →
Seek to the beginning Home
Seek to the end End

Have a look:-“Best Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts (.pdf) to Increase Productivity

Use such keyboard shortcuts in firefox and manage your work easily. I hope these keyboard shortcuts would help you to save your precious time. If you want to share your favorite keyboard shortcut then must tell in the comment section.

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