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Oculus Rift, a term that has been in trend from few years and it was also said that the VR Oculus Rift technology is under development, but now the good news is that the VR headset is available for consumers to go through and have a sneak peek of virtual reality. Previously I have written about the Samsung Gear VR Review, just check it out as well so you know the difference between the two and you can compare well before you put your money into it.

The Oculus Rift Release Date was 28th March 2016, that I think was the most awaited day for each and every user who were eagerly waiting to experience virtual reality in their real life.

Virtual Reality? If you’re still confused about the term, then here is our Ultimate Guide to Virtual Reality.

Now coming to the point once again, where were we?

Yeah…! Oculus Rift.

oculus rift

The technology as we know that was discovered in 2010 and later on it was occupied by the Social Media giant Facebook which ultimately gave the Rift a whole new shape and builds.

Oculus Rift is praised by many users in the world as it was very superbly designed to attract and meet every user demand. The  Rift is smart, a well-crafted device that has the complete functionalities by which we can call the HMD (head mounted display) as the “future of VR headsets”.

The latest Oculus Rift is far more advanced in technology than its earlier models as told by the company. The Rift is smoothly compatible with third-party options like SteamVR, excellent calibration system, swift motion control setup and has a completely working software platform with lots of VR games included.

That was basic now let’s dive deep in the VR headset.

Why Oculus Rift?

The Oculus Rift HMD Design:

oculus rift HMD

The HMD or the Rift headset is made with special care as it is clearly visible when you will check the advance and refined design of the Oculus HMD. The HMD is lightweight where a user can enjoy a fully immersive visual and stereo experience in one go.

The beauty of the Rift comes with its rounded edges and the special soft fabric which completely wraps the Oculus. The side view of the Rift is ergonomic and flat. The HMD is built in such a way that perfectly fits on your head and the comfort which we realize while wearing makes it the best in the sector of comfortability.

The Rift is comprised of 3 straps which completely surrounds our head. The first two straps are available at the sides of your head and the third strap bound us from the top of the visor over the top of our head and goes to the back where the rest of the straps meet forming a padded triangle to give a tight but cozy feeling.

A set of earphones that are connected with arms of the Oculus gives a pleasant look as well as an enthusiastic sound that lets the user wear the headset for long periods of time without any pain or difficulty.

That was the outer part, coming inside of Oculus Rift VR headset.

The Oculus Rift Impressive Display Clarity:

Oculus Rift display

The first thing we will experience while checking out the headset for the first time is the two sleek, immersive completely separated AMOLED displays for each eye that are developed by Samsung Electronics. The Oculus Rift’s resolution is 2160 x 1200, over two OLED displays. It is also known that OLED display fo Oculus Rift splits vertically so that the HMD can deliver a resolution of 960 x 1080 to each eye.

There is a hidden but praising reason why there are two separate displays for each eye. It is just so that the left eye only sees the left screen and your right eye sees only the right screen that in the long run will make virtual reality experience better than all.

The remarkable thing about the Rift is that it has a 90Hz (90fps) refresh rate that takes care of the fact that while the user is experiencing the VR each and every part of the action is smooth enough to prevent nausea during movement of either the body or any part of the body.

The Oculus Rift Sensitive Controls:

oculus rift controls

Talking about Controls of Oculus Rift, just one word ‘WOW‘…

The motion controller of the Oculus VR is shaping a bright future for the Rift as they are very nicely calibrated for the users that doubles up the enjoyment while experiencing the different world.

The Oculus is not only comprised of the Oculus Touch Motion Controllers but also comes up with various control options to handle the Oculus.

There is a remote that has various buttons like the Back, Menu, and Up/Down buttons to facilitate movements and control. There is also a circular navigation pad that handles navigation smoothly.

Recently Oculus partnered with Microsoft to give an extra functionality to take Oculus Rift one stage above the fold. In the box of Oculus Rift, you can now find one wireless controller and a Microsoft Xbox Wireless USB Adapter that perfectly suits the Windows and helps you to seamlessly communicate with your computer.

The Oculus Rift Audio System:

oculus rift audio

The audio system of Oculus is one another point which I can say with which Oculus can dominate in the market share of VR headsets. The audio system is of extremely high quality as it is always clear that apart from pictorial and visual aspects, sound and the stereo matters a lot in bringing excitement and thrill in the virtual world.

The developers of the audio system took this point as a serious note and came up with an extraordinary audio and sound system. Oculus has an inbuilt digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and a small microphone inside the headset. The smoothly fabricated headsets are connected with the side arms of Rift and they perfectly fit each and every ear.

The sound animation is super cool as the headphones support a broad range of sounds and noises that give a thrilling effect to the user while gaming or while watching any video.

So, How it is like to experience a technology that has tons of quality features with well-embedded software and hardware.

I think it’s superb when you get a chance to come closer to such a thing which can give the ultimate experience of the world which you have never been through.

Now let’s get a bit closer to some of the specifications of Oculus Rift.

Oculus Rift Specification:

The Rift has some so called excellent VR headset specification that rate the product above all in the market. If you’re eager to know about the product specification then here’s the list of some important specification.

Resolution 1200 x 1080 (per eye)
Field of View ~100-degrees
Display Type Low-Persistence AMOLED Display (per eye)
Refresh Rate 90Hz
Sensors Accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer
Connections HDMI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0
Controls Oculus Touch, Xbox One gamepad
Audio & Sound Microphone, Integrated Supra-Aural 3D spatial Headphones
Lens Type Hybrid Fresnel
HMD Cable Length 4 meter
Hardware Platform PC
Software Platform Windows, Oculus
Weight 470g (excluding cable)

After knowing the specification, now I think you have now cleared all of your doubts regarding the unknown specifications about the Rift.

Going further,

How to Setup Oculus Rift VR Headset?

Setting up Oculus Rift is not a task that requires serious attention to give but as I was going through the article I thought to deliver it for easy handling of the product.

It is really simple as we know that the hardware platform for Oculus VR is PC, so, first of all, you need setup and install the Oculus Software on your PC. The setup will prompt you to various steps and you will get through the end of the setup process.

Now the next step comes forward.

Connect your Cable with PC and also connect the USB cord to a USB 3.0 port (hopefully marked as blue in your PC)

There is an HDMI Connector which needs to be plugged into your graphics card’s HDMI port.

Note: Please be careful while connecting the HDMI connector as it should be connected to the right port only or as it will not be able to handle the processing of the Oculus VR headset.

With this, you will plug the sensor of your Rift in the PC using the HDMI.

Be careful with the sensor that is plugged in the Rift, no any object must interfere between you and the sensor.

Now the time comes to plug in the controllers of the Oculus HMD.

To use the remote of Oculus, first pull out the plastic tab and then pressing the button.

Now connect the Xbox One wireless gamepad with the Oculus device and you are done.

Now go through all the games available in the Oculus store, just download which are fond of and then go to the virtual world of entertainment.

And I’m sure that after going once through Oculus Rift you will definitely get a feeling that is away from all the other feelings. And later on, you will cherish the moment which you have enjoyed.

Warning…! It is an addiction and hopefully, you will also get addicted to Oculus Rift.

Want to Try Oculus Rift VR headset?

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