Playstation VR Review- The Best Virtual Gaming Experience

The Sony Playstation VR also known as PSVR and in its initial development phase, it was also codenamed as Project Morpheus. The PSVR is a virtual reality head-mounted display (HMD) designed & developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The PlayStation VR release date was October 13, 2016. The company launched the PSVR with the intent in mind that each and every gamer gets a quality virtual experience of the different world in the real time. So Sony launched the PlayStation VR at a very affordable price and also made it compatible with the PlayStation 4 home video game console.

sony playstation vr

If you’re a looking for a guide that can tell you all about the VR then here it is, the guide will guide you to the top list of the VR headsets in the market.

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As we know, Sony was the leader in the Gaming console segment and after looking at the demand of Virtual Reality headsets in the gaming market, Sony also joined the fight of virtual reality gaming experience with the launch of PlayStation VR.
The PlayStation VR cannot be compared with other rivals in the market. The company states that the PSVR will redefine your expectations of virtual reality as the gaming experience in PSVR is so intense that you will get mesmerized in the world of virtuality for some moment.

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Why Buy Sony PlayStation VR?

Going from basics let’s go through all the excellent features of the PlayStation VR.

PlayStation VR HMD Design & Build:

sony playstation vr design

The design of PlayStation VR is really very astonishing when we look at other competitors in the segment. The black & white color with a blue LED in the middle gives a very decent look at the VR headset. The black & white smooth curves at the edges of the PlayStation VR headset makes it super sexy in design segment.

The PlayStation VR head-mounted display looks bulky and heavy when viewed for the first time but when using once you will get shocked on its lightweight. Along with lightweight of the PlayStation comes comfortability.

The comfortability of the PSVR comes with the built-in strap which is wrapped with a thick cushion along with soft rubber flaps all around the edges of the HMD that will hold your head and face gently. The PSVR can be used for hours without any kind of skin irritation or fatigue.

The good thing about the VR headset is that the whole weight of the PSVR falls equally on both parts the forehead and the back of your head.

The PlayStation VR is a bit different from others as it gave a different look to the side straps. The PlayStation VR uses a plastic headband that starts from the top of the HMD and goes to the back of your head which ultimately elevates the weight of the PSVR and gives complete comfort to your nose and the forehead.

The headband is very nicely adjustable and can be adjusted as per the user’s demand. You can pull the display of the Sony PlayStation VR towards your eyes when you think you are ready to go to the virtual world.

The Sony PlayStation VR headset has nine positional LEDs on the outer surface and a quality PlayStation Camera to track the 360-degree head movement of the user. According to a report from the company, PlayStation Camera can track the PSVR headset up to 1,000 times per second which I think is incredible. With the 360 degrees movement of the user with the PSVR allows gaming experience a bit real and thrilling when chasing or running for safety.

The PlayStation VR is not wireless, it is wired with a long cable to be attached to the PlayStation 4 Console to get going.

Sony PlayStation VR Display & Lenses:

sony playstation vr lenses

Coming to the display part the PSVR has a 5.7-inch OLED panel, with a display resolution of 1080p along with RGB subpixel matrix. If going for the resolution per eye it is 960 x 1080 per eye. The 1920×1080 display has the capabilities to give user extremely immersive VR experience that will bind them from start to the end.

The display has a field of view nearly equal to 110-degrees and has a very excellent refresh rate of about 120 Hz. The PSVR has the extreme potential to render games and videos at a speed of 120fps (frame per second).

Thus, keeping all this in mind ultimately PSVR gives its users the pleasant gaming moments which I think they haven’t experienced yet.

Sony PlayStation VR Hardware:

sony playstation vr hardware components

Sony PlayStation VR has a very rigid hardware to try. Now we know that the PSVR works perfectly with the PlayStation 4 Console so it gives the user the advantage to give a try to all the controllers, sensors etc.

Going further, let’s see all about controllers.

The PlayStation VR comes with PlayStation Move controllers or Standard DualShock 4 controller. All the VR games manipulation can be easily controlled by controllers. Although many games don’t require the use of controllers but there are some games which require the use of DualShock 4 wireless controller.

sony psvr controllers

The PlayStation Move controllers are very much useful to interact with the virtual environments, communicate with the object in the space and also manipulate things in the virtual environments. The Sony PlayStation VR has a small latency and that is claimed to be 18milliseconds.

Now let’s see the excellent Sony PlayStation VR Sensors that give the power to PSVR to track the movement of the HMD as per the user’s motions and movements.

The sensors of the PSVR that play a key role in sensing everything and these are the three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer which is linked with the main control system of the PlayStation VR.

In the PlayStation VR, there is a sensor placed in between both the eyes which detects the taking off and taking on of the headsets and turns the HMD on and off accordingly. With the help of the sensors, the PlayStation VR maps the position of the user in the 3D space using the blue lights on the front, sides, and rear of the headset.

The PlayStation VR has two HDMI outputs, to TV and to PSVR, it is also comprised of HDMI input from PS4, USB, and AUX sockets. Not only this but the Sony PlayStation VR has some more for their users like the 6DOF head-tracking system, stereoscopic 3D and much much more.

That was some of the top class hardware features that we learned from above guide, now moving forward on some of the first class games and applications sector.

Sony PlayStation VR games

sony playstation vr games

According to the company behind the PlayStation VR, there are near about 250 developers who are working hard day and night to build world class games and entertainment titles for an extraordinary virtual experience.

PlayStation VR Games List:

Till date, the PlayStation VR has lots of games and entertainment titles in the Sony PlayStation store.

The best thing about the PlayStation VR is that you can play any PlayStation 4 game and you can also watch any video on Netflix. It means you can enjoy your favorite videos library on a virtual display in a very high resolution.

In the Sony VR headset there are many outstanding and mesmerizing games but let’s have a look on some of the top class games.

Games Developers
Wayward Sky Uber Entertainment
Xing: The Land Beyond White Lotus Int.
Eagle Flight Ubisoft
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Supermassive Games
Rez Infinite Monstars
RIGS: Mechanized Combat League Guerrilla Cambridge
EVE: Valkyrie CCP Games
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Capcom
Robinson: The Journey Crytek
Superhypercube Kokoromi

This was just a small list of games which I think are the games that are most reviewed and played. But there are tons of games for as per users interests, you only just have to explore the PlayStation VR store.

Moving forward from the games and entertainment sector and coming to the specification sector of the PlayStation VR headset.

A brief overview of the PlayStation VR specification in the below table so as to enable users to make a more precise decision in the purchasing of the VR headset.

Resolution 960 by 1,080 (per eye)
Field of View ~100 degrees
Display Type 5.7-inch OLED
Refresh Rate 120Hz, 90Hz
Sensors Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis Gyroscope, three-axis Accelerometer)
Audio Connections HDMI, AUX, Stereo Headphone Jack
Controls DualShock 4, PlayStation Move
Hardware Platform PlayStation 4
Software Platform PlayStation 4
VR Modes Mirroring mode, Separate mode, Cinematic mode
Weight 610g

The specifications of the PlayStation VR are good enough looking at the budget of the VR.

For users who are eager to know about the included content in the PlayStation VR box then let’s also check out this:

What’s inside the PlayStation VR Box?

The table of content in the Sony PlayStation VR are:.

VR Headset (1)
Processor Unit (1)
VR Headset Connection Cable (1)
HDMI Cable (1)
USB Cable (1)
Stereo Headphones (1)
AC Power Cord (1)
AC Adaptor (1)
PlayStation VR Demo Disc

Note: The only one thing which I found in PlayStation VR is that it does not come with PlayStation Camera in the box. If you want to make your virtual gaming experience more exciting then you might also have to spend a penny in the purchase of PlayStation Move controller.

Coming to the end, the PlayStation VR is also one of the toughest contenders to compete with after looking at the specifications, games library and most important the pricing.

According to a report after the launch of the PlayStation VR almost half of Spain population owns a PlayStation VR at their homes. It seems that the market leader in Gaming consoles has something for their users this time.

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