HTC Vive VR Review – The Most Immersive HMD

The fever of Virtual Reality is spreading like an epidemic in the tech world. Looking around each and everyone is running fast enough to overcome one another.

So in the race of Virtual Reality Headsets, one more top class contender has kept its foot in the ring ‘HTC Vive’.

HTC Vive virtual reality headset is designed and developed by HTC and Valve Corporation. The HTC HMD (head mounted display) was first released on 5 April 2016 for the consumers.

htc vive vr headset

I know, you know all about Virtual Reality but this ultimate guide will give you a glimpse of the complete VR, its past, its benefits and much more.

Now we’re talking about HTC Vive VR headset…

First of all, I want to say that HTC virtual reality Vive is a masterpiece of virtual reality experience. If you’re looking out for an experience that serves you with unfolded virtual reality enjoyment along with thrills then you’re right I am just talking about HTC Vive.

Both the companies HTC & Valve Corporation were working hard day and night on a technology and they successfully came up with a “room scale” technology. The room scale technology is a very advanced technology that has the capability to turn you complete room into 3D space with the help of excellent sensors.

With this technology, a user now has the permission to navigate naturally, the ability to walk around, manipulate objects, communicate and experience the environment which you never ever have experienced before.

So, How was it? The all new HTV Vive Virtual Reality HMD.

Let’s continue with more about HTC Vive and its Specifications:

Why HTC Vive Virtual Reality HMD?

HTC Vive HMD Design & Build:

htc vive vr HMD

About the design of HTC Vive VR, all I have to say is breathtaking. The Vive VR in itself is a piece of a fine and sleek demo of a technology that is going to the rule the world in the coming years.

The predecessors of the new HTC Vive Goggles were also excellent when they came to the world but going with the flow the all new HTC Vive VR headset is much smaller than the previous one and as per the companies statement, it is much more comfortable to wear and users using the VR headset will definitely get used to it.

With the fact keeping in mind that once a user gets going with HTC Vive experiencing the virtual world, then it’s for sure minutes, hours will pass by but the user won’t get bored. With this thinking, HTC & Valve prepared a design that lays comfort to the eyes as well as to the face of the user.

The Vive headset has extra foam inserts all around the edges of the eye slots which in long run will avoid any kind of skin irritation. There is a face ‘gasket’ so that the diversion part of the vive headset lies comfortably on user’s nose. With this, the company also introduced the adjustable straps that use Velcro by which any user can adjust the VR headset so as to get the fit right on the face.

The Vive comes only in black color which ultimately gives it a dashing look. The HTC Vive headset is wrapped up with hard molded plastic with a rounded shape filled with smooth holes similar to a golf ball. The outer part also has the IR sensors that communicate with the internal station to track your exact location within the virtual environment.

HTC Vive HMD Display & Lenses:

htc vive vr display

Now going a bit inside the HTC Vive head mounted display the headset has two very large and excellent Fresnel lenses that play the key role in making everything real in the virtual world. The HTC Vive has two low-persistence AMOLED displays with a high resolution of 2160 x 1200 for both eyes with an aspect ratio of 9:5.

The shape of the lenses are similar to concentric rings. The lenses of the Vive VR are built in such a fashion that people with narrow interpupillary distances (IPD) can get adjusted to the lens.

The exciting thing about the HMD is that it also has the IPD dial on the right side of the headset which facilitates the adjustment of the lenses and screens you just have to rotate the IPD dial. Along with this the HTC Vive VR comes with a new feature that is regarding the adjustments of the lens i.e. ‘relief’ adjustment.

The relief adjustment feature will help users with glasses to change the lens depth which in other terms will give relief to the user’s eye. But the company after launching the feature also announced to use the relief adjustment features as minimum as possible because more adjustments will affect the field of view in the virtual experience.

HTC Vive VR Hardware Part:

The Hardware part of the HTC Vive VR is super strong as when I was talking about the HMD of the VR it was wrapped up in hard plastic which means the core of the VR is strong and going further inside everything is on the top level.

Let’s talk about the sensors of the Vive VR, The HTC VR is comprised of more than 70 sensors but the top in the sensors which I think are:

The MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) gyroscope

The Accelerometer

The Laser Position Sensor

All the sensors are built in such a way that they remain with the user all the time and continuously communicates with the base station by which they send the location of the user every single moment in the real world. The sensors keep a track on the movements of the head and facilitate the seamless virtual experience.

Wow, the sensors of the HTC Vive are really very sensitive.

Now let’s learn a bit more about the headset.

The controllers of the Vive VR are the pillars as they provide the extra support to the HTC HMD make everything fit and fine in every case. The controllers of the Vive VR has LED light that is on the top side of the device. It turns green when tracking is on and working perfectly.

htc vive vr controllers

The Vive VR Controllers are wireless that communicates directly with the PC through a receiver and everything goes on perfectly with just because of the HMD’s USB connection.

The two magnificent bespoke handheld controllers of the HTC Vive VR are the key devices that offer the user’s with the opportunity to not only look around but naturally walk around and interact with the virtual environment with easiness.

The controllers of the HTC Vive VR has various advance triggers as well as a touch-enabled circular panel along with a couple of buttons to make everything possible for a user to do in the virtual environment. The sensors of the controllers detect infrared light which enables them in an effective tracking of the user in the virtual space.

HTC Vive VR also comes with two more exciting and out of the box systems. The two Base Stations of HTC Vive are placed in corners of a room facing each other. The base station emits infrared lights which the sensors of the headset and the sensors of the controllers detect and send the information to the PC which in return coordinates with all the three and positions the user in the 3D space.

htc vive vr base stations

In the latest version of the HTC Vive VR, the base stations are made more advance and now also supports accurate tracking of the user in the 3D space. They also are made a bit smaller than before.

Now, this what I call a VR headset that makes the virtual world real in the real time.

Going further let’s see what we have more in the box.

HTC Vive VR Games & Applications:

htc vive vr games

The soul of VR for the users comes with the introduction to exciting games and applications. HTC is going very fast enough to build a huge games library that will attract more users towards the VR headset.

As HTC is a SteamVR and therefore it very well supports Steam games as Oculus and other supports. Not only this the company along with Valve is releasing an open-source API (application programming interface) for various global developers to build games and applications for the SteamVR.

The HTC Games library is comprised of many short and mini games along with a huge library of adventurous and action mafia games. So in short if you have the HTC Vive VR then you’re the one to handle from that part.

That was all about the HTC Vive VR Hardware and Software section but I think that was a little lengthy, so let’s check out all the specification of the Vive VR Headset in the below table.

HTC Vive VR Headset Specifications:

Resolution 1080×1200 (per eye)
Field of View ~ 110-degrees
Display Type Dual low-persistence AMOLED
Refresh Rate 90 Hz
Sensors MEMS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope
Lens Type Fresnel
Connections HDMI, DisplayPort, USB 2.0, USB 3.0
Audio Microphone, External Jack for Headphones
Controllers HTC Vive Motion Controllers
Motion Tracking 360 degrees
Hardware Platform PC
Software Platform SteamVR
HMD Cable Length 5 meter
Weight 555 g

Looking at the weight, it seems that the VR headset is going to be bulky and heavy on your face but NO..! It is bulky but it is very much comfortable and soft when you wear it. The hard molded plastic on the outer part of the HMD makes it hard and bulky but the form-fitting comfort and the adjustable headsets make it more comfortable.

HTC Vive VR Minumum Requirements:

If you’re going with the HTC Vive Headset than you or your PC must have to fulfill some of the below-mentioned specifications so as to make your gaming experience more exciting and superb.

Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 or better
CPU: Intel Core i5 4590 or AMD FX 8350 or greater
Memory: 4 GB RAM or more
Video Port: HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, or better
USB: 1x USB 2.0 port or newer
Operating System: Windows 10

So basically, If you’re looking for a virtual world experience in which you yourself can handle and manage everything like communicating with the objects, manipulating virtual world objects and much more then HTC Vive VR is the one who is waiting for you.

If you’re VR Goggles or VR Headset fan then you must give a try to this VR which I guarantee will give you immense pleasure and fun in the virtual world in real time.

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