Best Google Chrome Tips And Tricks [2017 Updated]

Google Chrome is the top browser used by the number of people and less of known about the Google Chrome Tips and tricks which are really marvelous and outstanding. You didn’t know you could do many things with google chrome.


Chrome has a ton of hidden little tricks that you may not know about and It is the still most popular of the bunch, which become more flexible if you know how to unlock its secrets.

Though it is the most efficient browser in terms of overall performance (or privacy).

I know you all are excited and delighted to know about the Best Google Chrome Tips And Tricks 2017.

So, Here are some amazing and wonderful Google Chrome tips and tricks you must know:-

Install Android App on Google Chrome

Yes, You can easily install android app on Google Chrome which works perfectly, Currently, the Google Play Store is available for these Chromebooks using Chrome OS version 53 and up. So follow these steps:-

Step:1 To get Android apps on your Chromebook, first update your Chromebook software. Your Chromebook must run Chrome OS version 53 and up.

Step:2 Click the status area, where your account picture appears.

Step:3 Click Settings.

Step:4 In the “Google Play Store” section, check the box for “Enable Google Play Store on your Chromebook.”

Step:5 In the window that appears, click Get Started.

Step: 6 You’ll be prompted to agree to the Terms of Service. Once you’ve read and agreed, click Agree.

Step:7 To confirm your current Google account, click Sign In.

Step:8 You’ll see the Google Play Store app open. In the box that appears, click Accept.


There is another method also from which you can access the android apps in your chrome, and here is the steps which are mention below:-

Step:1 Download the ARChon runtime here.

Step:2 Unzip the archive.

Step:3 Open your extensions page in Chrome by going to Menu > More Tools > Extensions

Step:4 Enable Developer mode in the top right corner, if it is not already enabled.

Step:5 Select “Load unpacked extension.”

Step:6 Choose the folder containing the ARChon runtime you unzipped earlier

Bookmark All Tabs at Once in Google Chrome


This is the cool trick and people keep searching this query, they all want to know the keyboard shortcuts of google chrome which helps to increase the productivity and save the bookmark tabs all at once. So, to bookmark all tabs at once there is a command for the MacOS and Pc “Command+Shift+D” for a Mac and “Ctrl+Shift+D” for a PC. It will give you the ability to save them en masse to a new or existing folder.

Use Google Chrome as Calculator


Just use your address bar as a calculator. You may even perform complex calculations here. Simple equations in any blank tab will auto-populate with the solutions.

Just another reason today’s high scholars have it better off. Simply enter your query in the search bar and see the output without pressing enter. This works with IE and Google Chrome while in the case of Firefox, you’ll have to type the expression in the browser’s search box instead of the address bar.

Lock your screen in Google Chromebook


It is very easy to lock the screen in Google Chromebook, You just need to follow the few steps. So here are the steps that would help you to lock your screen in Google Chromebook.

Step:1 Simply Sign into your Chromebook.

Step:2 Click the status area, where your account picture appears.

Step:3 Click Lock  Optional: To lock your screen, you can use the keyboard shortcut Search + L, or press and hold the power button and let go when the sign-in screen appears

Step:4 After you lock your screen, your Chromebook’s display will turn off to save power.

Mute Noisy Tabs in Google Chrome


Web pages can automatically play audio, so get rid of this solution. You just need to enter some sort of code in the Omnibox and it would undoubtedly stop the audio from the web page.

One of the more useful Chrome flags can be activated with the code “chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting” in the Omnibox. This puts an audio icon on the top of each tab, allowing you to mute them if they’re playing in the background, even if you’re not on that page.

Stop Autoplay Videos in Google Chrome


If you want control over your multimedia video/audio, input chrome://settings/content into a blank tab and navigate to Plugins and choose “click to play.” From here on out, nothing will play until you click to start it.

  • To open a command prompt, press CTRL + ALT+ T. Once you are at the command prompt, type shell and hit enter to go to a shell prompt.
  • On an ARM Chromebook, Hold ESC + Refresh buttons then push power to enter developer mode.

Create Notes on Google Chrome

Notes are the necessity thing when you are surfing online, there are lots of good resources that’s need to be captured in notes. So, this one is the nice Google Chrome tips, just create notes on Google chrome.


Every once in a while you may need to note down something important for future reference or other purposes. So, instead of having you scramble across your desk for a pen and a notepad, Google Chrome provides a much better alternative.

Simply type in:-
“data:text/html, <html contenteditable>” on your search bar and take down notes at your leisure.

Reduce Data Usage in Chrome


Many of us keep searching to save and reduce the data in Google chrome, It’s very easy to do so:-

So here are the simple steps to reduce the data in Google Chrome.

Step:1 Simply open Google Chrome

Step:2 Now, go to Settings-> Data Saver

Step:3 After that, Turn On Data Saver and surf the web for fewer data.

Mistakenly Closed Tabs


Have you ever mistakenly closed the tabs in Google Chrome? We all have done this accidentally but thanks to Google chrome, with the help of this browser you can access the closed tab again by simply pressing the Key “ALT+Shift+T” and “Command+Shift+T” on MAC.

Check this one:- 

Common Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome


Ctrl+T – Open New Tab

Ctrl+N- Open New Window

Ctrl+W – Close Current Tab

Ctrl+Tab- View Next Tab

Ctrl+L-Put Cursor in Search Bar

Ctrl+R-Reload Current Page

Ctrl+F-Open the Find Bar

Ctrl+D- Bookmark the Current Page

Ctrl+J- Open Downloads Page

Ctrl+Enter- Add ‘www.’ and ‘.com’ to input in the address bar and open the corresponding URL.

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Access another Computer with Chrome Remote Desktop


You can use a computer or mobile device to access files and applications on another computer over the Internet with Chrome Remote Desktop. Just share your computer with the another one with the help of Google Chrome. They’ll have full access to your apps, files, emails, documents, and history. Here are such steps which would help you to connect the other PC and desktop with the help of Google Chrome.

Step:1 On your computer, open Chrome.

Step:2 In the address bar at the top, type chrome://apps, and press Enter.

Step:3 Click Chrome Remote Desktop App.

Step:4 To create an access code, click Share.

Step:5 Send the code to the person that you want to use your computer.

Step:6 When the other person enters the access code, they’ll see your email address and have full control of your computer.

Step:7 To end a sharing session, click Stop sharing.

Step:8 When you’re finished, go to the center of the page and click the Down arrow and then Disconnect.

Play Media Files in Google Chrome


Simply drag your file into the search bar and enjoy watching it play. It’s unique to see videos and media files into the chrome. For this, you can also use Chrome extension such as Chrome web store, Video Player and more.

Chrome Dev tools


Google Chrome gives the opportunity to see under the hood of a web page. Chrome Developer Tools reveals the debugging and web authoring widgets that let you look over a web page’s HTML, CSS and more. You can click on the inspect or press the Ctrl+Shift+I.

Translate Anything with Google Chrome


You can translate anything with the Google Chrome. This system has already built-in Google translate for all web page. You can directly change the language or it automatically turns out into your language, whichever language is selected or chosen as default.

Cast Your Screen


You can easily cast your screen with the help of Google Chrome, just easily click on the left side of the mouse on any website and click on “cast”. Just connect any device with your system whether its Google Cast-enabled Tv or Chromecast. Do easily cast your screen.

Desert Dino Run Game in Chrome


You must have seen the image of the dinosaur which appears on the screen when you are either unable to connect to the internet or are offline, it turns out that it is not just an image but a game that can be played by simply tapping on the screen once the T-Rex pops up.

Autofills & Credit Card Number


You can easily add and edit the address and credit card number in google chrome, So you don’t need to enter again and again for shopping, it auto-fetch the details. If you want to edit or enter it again then simply follow these steps.

Step:1 Just go to Settings

Step:2 Show advanced settings

Step:3 Manage Autofill settings (under “Passwords and forms”).

Step:4 Here, you’ll be able to add /edit addresses and credit card numbers.

Drag and Drop Downloads in Chrome


Instead of changing the download location of a file or manually cutting and pasting it at the desired location. You can simply drag the file to the folder where you want to save your file, thereby saving effort and time.

To enable accessibility options on your Google Chromebook, visit chrome://settings/search#accessibility. You can enable the Accessibility menu, spoken feedback, and other accessibility options.

Create an Icon on Desktop


You can easily create an icon on desktop with the help of Google Chrome, just simply visit the page that you would like to create an icon for the desktop. This creates a clickable link on your desktop with an icon to represent the page. So, Follow such steps:-

Step:1 Go to top-right corner

Step:2 More tools

Step:3 Add to desktop

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