Top Grammarly Alternatives to Check your Grammar and Errors While Writing

Are you the one who is not familiar with the grammar and keep doing silly mistakes while writing an article or the post? Then you might love this post, it’s all about the tools of grammar mistakes and errors.


One of the most important tools “Grammarly” which is the Online proofreading tool that checks the text for grammar, punctuation, and style, and features a contextual spelling checker and plagiarism detector.

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It is very handy and awesome tool to check grammar mistakes but you can’t access this fully because Grammarly is not a free tool, but part of it is completely free and is the most recommended tool for anyone doing his master thesis. So to sort out this, I would like to mention the best alternatives of Grammarly.

Just Try the top and best free Grammarly Alternate Softwares to check your Grammar and Errors.

Top Grammarly Alternatives 2017

1. Language Tool

Language Tool

Language tool is an open source proofreading program which helps you to detect and rectify various grammatical and spelling problems in about more than 20 languages.

It’s very easy to use, you just need to Paste your own text in the white box column and click the ‘Check Text’ button. Now, this tool will reveal all the mistakes and grammar errors. You can check this tool here link.

2. Hemingway Editor


It is a very useful tool which makes your writing bold and clear with no grammar mistakes also it clear by highlighting common errors commonly.

It highlights the text in different colors according to different grammatical errors. For e.g. if you red highlight means your sentence is long and complicated. To check this app, Click here.

 3. Ginger App


Ginger App is the world’s first smartphone keyboard that offers advanced writing tools i.e. autocorrect, spellcheck, punctuations etc. It supports over 50 languages.

If your grammar is not so good and you face lots of issue and problems while writing then this post might help you. Check this app here.

4. Unplag


This is an accurate falsification detection engine. It is a website that solves your problems regarding grammatical errors.

It is basically an online plagiarism and content checker which is free and it lets you scan your papers against Bing and Yahoo Web indexes in Real Time. In short, it is very effective plagiarism checker provides you with real-time reporting. To know more about this app, Visit Here.

5. Pro Writing Aid


Pro Writing Aid is a type of manuscript editor, usually, preferred by writers. It checks writing for overused words, grammar, abstract and complex words as well as grammar. Improve your writing with this handy and useful tool. You can check this app here.

6. ProofRead Bot

Grammarly Alternate

ProofRead Bot is the free online grammar, style, plagiarism and spelling checker. It rectifies the sentences by checking writing style, statistics, and grammar. You simply have to submit your sentences with the extension proofread bot. This tool is also available for the Google Chrome extension and Firefox extension. To use this tool, visit here.

7. Paper Rater


It uses Artificial Intelligence to improve writing and check the grammatical and spelling errors in very easy manner. With this help of a tool, you can check grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and plagiarism which also includes with word choice analysis. This simple tool only needs to paste the text of your paper on the website. See this tool here.

8. Turnitin- Technology to Improve Writing


It is a revolutionizing experience of writing to learn. It promotes critical thinking and is used preferably by industries and institutions. Turnitin applications are used by more than 30 million students at 15,000 institutions in 140 countries. Check this app now.

I see a lot of people making mistakes of Grammar, Prepositions, Articles and sometimes even in sentence formation. So these appropriate and fruitful tools help you to enhance your English grammar and reduce the spelling mistakes and errors.

Grammarly helps you to check all your grammar errors while you write any document. They have a good online platform to check all your documents and writings online.

But if you are a blogger, webmaster, editor or Journalist and you want to check Errors during writing, they even have Free Browser Extensions for both – Google Chrome, as well as Firefox which you can Install right in your browser and it, will help you check instantly as you start your writing.

Check the Grammarly extension for the chrome and firefox.

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