The Best 1 TB mSATA SSD’s to Buy in 2017

SSDs or Solid State Drives are nowadays becoming popular day by day as they are pretty much faster than HDD in terms of data transfer speed. mSATA or Mini SATA SSDs is one of its types and is very light weight and uses SATA connector for power and data transfer. Unlike the other 2.5-inch SSD, there are not many mSATA SSDs available in the market, and also there is the limit for 1 TB mSATA SSD availability which makes them very rare. But beside this, mSATA SSD is cheaper in comparison with PCIe SSDs.

With 1TB storage space, you can easily store large files like high definition games, HD Movies, and more. mSATA SSDs are the right choice for the upgradations of data storage for your Laptops, as these are very small in size. Since the technology is increasing day by day, the prices of these SSDs are becoming in the reach of common people too. Because of the high speed of these SSDs, their market is going up day by day.


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List of Top 1 TB mSATA SSDs to Buy

Now I am going to display the top rated 1 TB mSATA SSDs which you can buy. The devices listed under are genuine and are top selling products on Amazon with customers reviews and full specification. It took me long hours to take this list and could find only four top mSATA SSDs.

1. Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB SSD

Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB SSD

Samsung 1TB m-SATA SSD is powered by Samsung V-NAND technology which makes it suitable for everyday computing. This m-SATA Internal SSD is the powerful product from Samsung with reading/write speed up to 540MB/s and 520MB/s respectively. With this product, the Samsung Data Migration and Magician software available for free for easy installation and SSD management comes with the 5-year limited warranty which allows the user not to take tension about any damage.

2. Transcend 1TB mSATA Solid State Drive

Transcend 1TB mSATA Solid State Drive supports TRIM, NCQ and S.M.A.R.T. commands for better performance. It is slim SSD specially made for ultra-thin laptops and provides excellent shock resistance and long-term reliability.

Its large data storage space can store all your extra data and provide you with backup and full security.

This product comes with three-year limited warranty and free technical support for better assistance. The best choice to upgrade your data storage space with this product.

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3. Samsung 840 1TB mSATA Internal SSD

Samsung 840 1TB mSATA Internal SSD

Samsung 840 EVO with 1TB data storage is considered as one of the best product from the Samsung with highest-quality components. To ensure the security, it is integrated with AES 256-bit full-disk encryption and also includes Samsung data migration software, which makes data transfer and management simple and convenient.

Samsung 840 writes and multi-tasks at incredible speeds, have read and write speed of 540 MB/s and 520 MB/s respectively. This product comes with 5-years limited manufacturing warranty.

4. WD Blue 1TB Internal SSD

WD Blue 1TB Internal SSD

WDS100T1B0A is the 1TB Internal SSD (Solid State Drive) is one of the best from the country with reading speeds of up to 545MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 525MB/s.

This internal SSD is made for multitasking and high-end computing. WD Blue SSDs go through extensive compatibility and reliability testing and are certified by WD FIT labs to work with a wide range of desktop and laptop computers. This product comes with the 3-year limited manufacturer warranty and online free technical support service.

Hope you like our list of best mSATA SSD. Choose from the above products wisely according to your need and requirement. From my point of view, Samsung 850 EVO is the best from this list because it is integrated with the latest technology, high data transfer speed and of course the brand value of Samsung SSDs are always greater than any other brand.

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