Hover.css – How to Add Beautiful CSS3 Hover Over Effects on your Website

Interactions in a website within elements using CSS3 hover effects has become must to do so as to grab the users attention and interests towards the particular element.

In this era, coding has become far more easier than before, with the introduction of various projects like Animate.css, Typed.js and more has made adding up of CSS3 animation effects, hover effects to your website quite easily just by copying and pasting the codes.


Today, we are introducing a new CSS3 Library named ‘Hover.css‘ that will give a superb interaction effects to all of your links, buttons, logos, SVG, featured images and so on.

Let’s learn about Hover.css a bit more..

What is Hover.css ?


Hover.css is one of the another very easy and exciting CSS3 Library that has the power to make the links, buttons, logos etc. interactive with many ultimate animation effects just on HOVER. Hover.css is also available in CSS, Sass, and LESS.

How to Use Hover.css – yet another awesome CSS3 Library?

Method 1:

Copy & Paste:

The first method is very very easy and is usually liked by all, it is just copying and pasting the effects you like from the Hover.css zip file.

You just have to download the stylesheet. Download it here and after downloading the stylesheet, just look out for the effect you liked in the Hover.css website.

  1. Download the zip file and Extract the file.
  2. Navigate to the Folder > CSS > Hover.css.
  3. Now Search the effect you want to apply.
  4. Copy the effect with all the css written and you’re done.

For ex: You want the Shrink effect, then just find out for the ‘Shrink’ effect, and then copy paste the effect’s css to your own custom class and css file.

If you want to add the class to your effect then just add the class “.hvr-shrink” to your custom elements to whom you want to renovate.

For ex:

Note: A comment is written in all the css effects just search out for the name and you’re there.

Method 2:

Linking Stylesheet:

Linking or referencing the stylesheet is just adding the stylesheet files to the website files.

  1. Download the Zip file and Extract it
  2. Add hover-min.css file to your website files, usually in a directory named style.css or any other
  3. Call the added css file in the <head> </head> tags with the following code:

There is another way to call the hover-min.css in the stylesheet using the import command.

After importing, now you are ready to add classes of Hover.css into your website elements and also on complete website. You just have to call the class name in your custom classes.

This is how you can get an attractive CSS3 animation effects on all of your elements on Hover, Focus, Active and more.

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