How to Create QR Code Generator Using jQuery Library

Want to create a QR Code Generator of your own? Then here’s the perfect solution by just using  jQuery Library and Google API. Before that let’s learn something about QR Codes, first:

What is a QR Code?

qr code

QR Code a.k.a “Quick Response Code” is a technology that is used from 90’s to link text, websites, documents, phone numbers etc. and can store much more all in one single code.

The technology was evolved far before in the year 1994 and the technology came to existence for the automotive industry in Japan so as to track vehicles during manufacture.

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That was in 1994, now the technology has evolved far better and now QR Codes are used  in a wide scale and in a broad context like in tracking applications, entertainment sectors, marketing, mobile phone apps and has many more applications.

QR Codes have now become a part of day to day life, whenever a user finds a QR Code on any of their products they just scan out the code with their phone or using a scanner and check out the content in the QR code.

Going further..

How to create your own QR Code Generator ?

If you’re a coder and have a good hands on Javascript or jQuery than this is a very easy and effective. You can make the use of  jquery.qrcode.js library and also you have to use Google API.

Let’s check this out:

Step 1: Include the jQuery library in the webpage of your website. Use the below code to call the Google API and the jQuery.QRCode Library.

Now it’s time for complete code:

HTML Code:

jQuery Code:

CSS Code:

Here’s the screenshot of the QR Code Generator:

create qr code

This is the code which will generate a simple QR Code Generator without any CSS as a new project for your portfolio. You can use this QR Code to link any text, phone number or notes for your personal use.

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