How to Create Website Shortcuts on Desktop in Windows 10

Nowadays, most of the Internet users have Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser in theirs PC or laptop and they always look for the website shortcuts to reach the website while saving the time and efforts. Many few know that the Windows 10 comes with a variable feature in which one of the features allows you to create website shortcuts on your desktop screen.

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In this article, I will guide you through very simple methods with step by step process on how to create a website shortcut on desktop in Windows 10. Basically, You can create website shortcut using the internet explorer or by using chrome or firefox browser on your computer.

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1. Steps to Create Website or Webpage shortcut on Desktop in Windows 10

Step-1: The first thing you have to do is to open your favorite web browser and then open up the website or webpage that you would like to see on your Windows 10 desktop as a shortcut.

Step-2: Once the web page is loaded on your browser now copy the full URL of the website or webpage.

Step-3: To copy the URL of the web page in most of the web browsers, you just need to right-click on the URL and then click on the Copy option from the menu. Alternatively, you can copy the URL by just selecting the URL and then press the  Ctrl + C key together at the same time to copy the same.

Step-4:  Now go to the desktop and there right-click on the empty area of the desktop to see the context menu. Now from the menu click on the New option, and then click Shortcut to open Create Shortcut wizard.

Step-5:  Once the Create Shortcut wizard is open now in the Type the location of the item field you have to paste the URL that you copied and then click on the Next button.

Step-6: After that, you have to type the name for the shortcut that you are going to create on the desktop. I always advise the user to type in the name of the website or webpage so that you can easily remember in future.

Step-7: Once you have given the name for the shortcut now finally click on the Finish button to create the webpage or website shortcut on your Windows 10 desktop.

Now you can directly click on the website/webpage shortcut to open it in your default web browser.

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2. Steps to Create website/webpage Shortcut using Chrome or Firefox browser

Step-1: First you have to launch Chrome or Firefox browser on your computer and then resize the browser window in a way so that you can see both the desktop and browser window.

Step-2: Once the browser is open now open up the website or web page URL that you would like to see on your Windows 10 desktop as a shortcut.

Step-3: Once the web page is loaded on the browser, click on the page icon beside the address bar and drag and then drop it onto the desktop to create the shortcut.

Step-4: If you are using the Firefox browser then you just have to simply drag and drop the icon on the left of the address bar to the desktop to create the shortcut of the website/webpage which you want.

3. Steps to Create Website/Webpage Shortcut Using Internet Explorer

Step-1: To start process first you have to open the Internet Explorer browser on your computer and here navigate the website or web page URL that you would like to see on your Windows 10 desktop as a shortcut.

Step-2: Once you navigate to the website or web page now Right-click on the empty area of the webpage/website and then from the open menu you have to click on the Create Shortcut option.

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Step-3: Once you select the option you will see the confirmation dialog on your screen, click on the Yes button to create the website/webpage shortcut on the desktop.

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Step-4: After you have selected the Yes button the website/webpage shortcut will be opened in your default browser.

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This is all for this article I hope these steps help you to create the website shortcut in Windows 10 without any difficulty. If you liked the article then please share it on social media and with your friends.

And if you want to ask any question or you want to suggest any update regarding this article then you are welcome to comment below in the comment section. Your comments and feedback are always valuable for us.

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