How to Enable Safe Mode in Windows 10 (Step by Step)

Safe Mode is the diagnostic mode of Windows operating system which is also known as the mode of operation by application software. Safe Mode starts Windows with a limited set of files and drivers which mean no programs start automatically with Safe Mode.

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To solve the problems with your computer without endangering your hardware or data booting into the safe mode is always a better option. In this article, I will guide you through step by step process to enable the safe mode in Windows 10. There are many ways to enable the safe mode but here I will explain you the best and easy ways.

safe mode

1. Getting to Safe Mode Within Windows 10

Step-1: First, you need to launch the Run prompt by pressing the Windows Key + R button combination from your keyboard.

safemode 01

Step-2: In the Run prompt type msconfig and press the Enter button

safemode 02

Step-3: After that System Configuration Window will pop up and here you need to switch over the Boot tab.

Step-4: Under the boot, tab click on the check box which is next to option Safe boot. 

safemode 03

In this boot tab there are different type of boot option available and here you can choose the type of Safe boot mode you want to boot into

  • Minimal mode which is the normal safe mode
  • Alternate Shell which is the safe mode with command prompt
  • Network mode is the safe m0de with the use of networking

Step-5: Once you have chosen your Safe boot option click on the OK button to complete the process and then Restart your computer.

safemode 04

Step-6: After restarting your computer your PC will be booted into Safe Mode automatically.

Step-7: Now again need to open the Run prompt and type msconfig.

Step-8: Here you need to uncheck the checkbox next to option Safe boot to stop the booting process to happen again.

safemode 05

Step-9: Finally hit the Ok button and then again restart your computer.

safemode 06

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Enable Safe Mode Using Advanced Troubleshooting Tool

Step-1: Open the login screen and here use the Shift + Restart trick to open the Troubleshooting screen.

Step-2: Once the Troubleshooting screen is open click on the Troubleshoot option.

safemode 1

Step-3: Now click on the Advanced option

advanced option

Step-4: Under the advanced options click on the option Windows Startup Settings

Step-5: Click on the Restart button available at the bottom right corner of the screen.

safemode 4

when your computer reboots you will be able to boot into Safe Mode from the familiar looking Advanced Boot Options screen.

2. Recovery Option for Safe Mode

To get into Safe Mode in Windows 10, you can also use the Recovery options by the following steps

Step-1: First click on the start menu available at the bottom left of the screen and then select the Setting option.

Step-2: After that, the settings Window will open and here you need to click on the Update & Security option.

safemode 7

Step-3: Now click on the Recovery option which is available on the left pane of the screen.

safemode 8

Step-4: On the right side click on the Restart now button which is right under the Advanced Startup section.

safemode 9

Now once the Windows 10 restarts you need to follow the same steps of troubleshooting to get into the safe mode as we have mentioned in the above method. In short, you must go to

Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart

After that you can use F4 button on your keyboard to start in Safe Mode or press F5 button on your keyboard to boot into “Safe Mode with Networking,” or press F6 to go into Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

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This wraps up the article I hope these methods help you to Enable Safe Mode in Windows 10. If you liked this article then please share it on social media and with your friends.

If you want to ask any query or you want to suggest any update regarding the sage mode then you are always welcome to comment below in the comment section. Your comments and feedback are always valuable for us.

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