How to Find Your Windows Product Key (3 Methods)

Most of the software comes with some form of protection in order to protect them from unauthorized copying and installation and they use one common approach which involves asking the user to type in a product key or serial number, applied in the case for both Microsoft Windows and Office.

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This makes the product key an important factor for installation of software and most of the users forget their Product Key but now you don’t have to worry as finding the product Key is an easy task, and within a minutes you will be able to find the product key. In this article, I will guide you with different methods to find the Windows product key.

Product key

1. Recover Windows Product Key using Power Shell

Command Prompt is the safe and easy method to recover your Windows Product Key. To use this method follow the steps below.

Step-1: Go to the start menu right click on it and then search for Windows Power Shell in the search box

Store 1

Step-2: Now select the Windows Power Shell option

Step-3: After that, a Power Shell windows will open and there type the following command and then press the Enter button.

powershell “(Get-WmiObject -query ‘ select * from SoftwareLicensingService’). OA3XoriginalProductKey”

Product Key 1

Once you clicked the enter button the Windows Product Key will open in the power shell from there you can copy your product key without any difficulty. This command will work on latest Windows such as Windows 10/8.1/7.

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2. Recover Windows Product Key using Command Prompt

Step-1: Open the Start Menu which is available on the left bottom of your desktop.

Step-2: Now in the search box type  Command Prompt and then press the Enter button.

Product Key 01

Step-3: In the Command Prompt window type the following command and after typing the command press the Enter button.

wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get  OA3XoriginalProductKey

Product Key 2

Now the Windows Product Key will open in the Command Prompt Window as shown in the above screenshot.

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3. Recover Windows Product Key using VB Script

*This method is especially for the Advanced Users. To use the VB script you need to open the Notepad on your computer and then copy and paste the following code.

Set WshShell = CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
MsgBox ConvertToKey(WshShell.RegRead(“HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\DigitalProductId”))

Function ConvertToKey(Key)
Const KeyOffset = 52
i = 28
Cur = 0
x = 14
Cur = Cur * 256
Cur = Key(x + KeyOffset) + Cur
Key(x + KeyOffset) = (Cur \ 24) And 255
Cur = Cur Mod 24
x = x -1
Loop While x >= 0
i = i -1
KeyOutput = Mid(Chars, Cur + 1, 1) & KeyOutput
If (((29 – i) Mod 6) = 0) And (i <> -1) Then
i = i -1
KeyOutput = “-” & KeyOutput
End If
Loop While i >= 0
ConvertToKey = KeyOutput
End Function

In Save as dialog box, select All files and save this file as a .vbs file, giving it any suitable name you want to give like keyfinder.vbs or something else. Now you have to run this file, and you will see your Windows 10 product key.

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This is all for this article I hope these steps help you to recover your Windows Product Key in Window 10. If you like this article then share it with your friends and on social media and if you like to ask any query or want to give any suggestion regarding this article then you can comment below in the comment section as your suggestion are always welcome.

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