Download Opera Max to Manage your Internet Data and Privacy Online

Opera Max is a data management and privacy app that gives you an extra layer of security on public and unsecured wifi passwords. It also helps to shrink unlimited data across most of the apps that help you save money on your data plan. Previously we have written other Opera Browser tutorials like the Opera beta Version – this beta version is for developers where you can try the coolest browser experiments before the official launch by Team Opera.

Talking of experiments, the Internet Browser company is doing really cool things like Opera Neon – A Concept browser by Opera which will probably change the way you look at Browsers. Opera Neon is a concept browser available to download free for Windows, Mac and Linux and is really the coolest software to must download.

What is Opera Max?

It is a free app that helps you extend the life of your data plan by up to 50%, especially when you’re using video or image-heavy apps such as Instagram, Vine etc.

It is the only app that gives you a significant data savings including images and videos that make a big chunk of data usage and most of the apps.

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Download and Install Opera Max

To download Opera max click here

Once you download the Opera Max it automatically starts compressing and rerouting the data using VPN (virtual private network) to data-savings cloud. All the non-encrypted data requests are sent through the compression servers which optimizes sites to use fewer data.

It is seriously concerned about privacy, therefore, it only measures how much data you use and how much data you have saved.

Features of Opera Max

Protects your Privacy

If you are connected to a public wifi then it protects you from snoopers, hackers, and attackers. By turning on the privacy mode it protects you against data and identity thieves.

VIP mode

If you don’t want to keep the savings and privacy timers, you should switch to the VIP mode. If you turn on the VIP mode then you will get unlimited time in exchange for an ad appearing on your charge screen when your phone is charging. With this, you will get access to all the Opera Max features when your phone is not charging.

Control Data-hungry Apps

It puts a control of data used by apps on your phone, you can also choose to block apps from using background data, mobile data or wifi data.

How to report a problem in Opera Max?

To report a problem in your Opera Max follow the given steps:

  1. Tap the menu icon on the top of the app and click on “report a problem”.
  2. Choose from the options provided and comment the problem that you have faced. Always provide the maximum details about the problem arisen.
  3. Your android device will ask whether you want to send an email and a file to Opera Max. Tap the icon for your email client to continue.
  4. Click on “send” in your email client to submit the issue and relevant technical details to the customer care center.

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