Build beautiful Progress Bars for your Project with ProgressBar.js

Everyone knows about Progress Bars, they are a medium using which you can track the progress of your doings. Building a progress bar from scratch is not any easy when you’re a newbie to the field, it becomes a tough task to complete. But there are solutions for all your problems.

Here comes Progressbar.js – A lightweight and very handy javascript library that builds responsive and slick progress bars with animated SVG paths.


Progressbar.js is a free and open source JS library that has no dependencies and very well supports all major browsers.

With Progressbar you can give a better user experience to all visiting your website. The progress bar can be implemented in many places like Register Pages, Download and Upload fields, Page Loading and many more related pages.

Progress bars really doubles up the user experience and also give an attractive look to the interface.

Now let’s go through the library a bit deeper.

How to Use Progressbar.js?

Using Progressbar.js is not a difficult task, you just have to begin from the basics:

Download the Progress.js files from the GitHub Repository.

Now include the downloaded files in the web page of your project.


Progressbar.js CDN:

There is a CDN also available for Progressbar.js which you can directly call on your web page to get access to the progressbar.js library.

Now let’s start with the coding part.

The HTML structure:

Declaring an ID container.

The basic Javascript:

This code will output a line of 100% progress in the progress bar with all default settings and options in it. The function tuluzz.animate(1.0) will animate the progress bar to 100%. The values can vary from (0.0 – 1.0)

This was completely simple doing nothing you can just put up a progress bar on your custom projects.

Now moving further let’s learn some more options that are necessary to give progress bar extra parameters.

Recommended Readings:

Progressbar.js Parameters:

The Javascript Code:

Now here come some more functionalities and options to get started with Progressbar.js

strokeWidth Width of the stroke i.e. the progress meter which goes from left to right.
color Color of the Progress bar
duration Duration in which the meter of the progress bar gets filled
trailColor Color of the trail path on which the progress bar moves
trailWidth Width of the trail path
svgStyle The parameter will define the width and height of the progress bar

Above were some very basic options to give your progress bar a decent look and enhance user interactivity.

Now there furthermore customization which you can also include it in your Javascript code.

Easing: This is the option which you can use to animate the progress bar. There are four values for easing (“linear“,”easeIn”,”easeOut”,”easeInOut“)

In Progressbar.js you can give your custom animation effects, see how:

Custom animations are possible with the help of from, to and step parameters.

This will animate the progress bar with two different colors i.e. from #000 to #888.

Recommended Readings:

Wow, now the progress bar seems something that can grab the attention of your visitors and clients. Customizing Progressbar.js makes it very superb and effective.

In Progress.js Javascript plugin you can not only draw lines but can also draw various shapes like:

  • Semicircle
  • Full circle
  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Custom Designs (Cloud, Heart, Your Website Logo Letters)

If you want to check out the demo of Progressbar.js then you can check below.

Now I think you are ready to rock with Progressbar.js and give your web pages a different look.

If you want to read out the full documentation of the JS library then you can also visit the official website.

And if you want to check out examples of the Progressbar.js then you can also visit here.

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