How to Send Fax Online for Free from Your Smartphone

If you want to get rid of a fax machine and save the cost of a telecom or if you are always traveling around then here’s a solution, now you can easily send a fax Online for free without having a fax machine with the help of your smartphones or Android with some simple ways.

Following apps are available to send fax via Android or Smartphones:


If the information that you want to send is sensitive or private and needs a secure network then you should prefer this app. It has excellent security features and secures the content of your fax.It is a mobile friendly app and also allows to send fax via. email. It has a free trial and plans to start from $4.99 per month. To access click here


It is one of the best apps that helps you fax documents with your smartphone, it offers a 30day free trial. After that, you can select from the various paid plans available. The paid plans start from just $10 per month. Also, you don’t have to add any additional software to run this application. To have a glance click here


It is one of the World’s best app to send and receive a fax. It is available in 49 countries. It offers a 30day day free trial and after that, the service is paid. The price is according to the currency of different countries.

To download eFax click here

Sending Fax via. iOS

If you want to send a fax via. iPhone then here are some of the apps available to send faxes through iPhone:


It offers up to 25 pages free and after that $9.97 per month or you can choose higher paid plans as per your convenience. To download click here


Tiny Fax uses a credit system, where you need to purchase credits and use those to send faxes (for 10 credits per page). You can buy 50 credits for $2.99 or 250 for $9.99. Tiny Fax packs in a built-in scanner for scanning in your documents, and a cover letter builder to make a professional looking cover letter in just a couple taps. To access click here.

In this way, you can easily send or receive fax through your phone.

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