How to Send SMS Notifications for Important Emails at Gmail

It is not possible for every person to check emails frequently as in their busy schedule and filter many irrelevant emails, and because of this, sometimes the important ones might get ignored. The simple solution to this problem is setting up and Send SMS notifications for important emails to your mobile phone with the help of Gmail.

Consider the following steps to setup SMS notifications for important emails in Gmail:

Step 1

Login to your Gmail account and if you don’t have one, Create it online at

Step 2

Click on the gears icon on the right corner of the window and click on settings from the drop down box.

Step 3

On the settings page click on “labels” menu.

Step 4

On the bottom of the page click on “create a new label”.

Step 5

Enter the label name and click on create button.

Step 6

Now from the same menu in which you clicked labels, click on “filters” and after clicking on filters, on the bottom of the page click on “create a new filter”.

Step 7

Fill all the details specified and after that click on “create filter with this search>>”, as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 8

As soon as you click the “create a filter with this search>>”, a drop down appears, checkmark the label saying “Apply the label” and then click create filter.

Now are done with the settings in the mailbox.

Also, check out:

Step 9

Now visit google docs with the same account, if you are not able to find the link click here

Step 10

On the leftmost of the page click on create and a drop-down will appear, select spreadsheet from it.

Step 11

From the spreadsheet menu,  just Click on tools and go to the script editor.

Step 12

You will be redirected to this page to write some codes.

Step 13

If you don’t have a code you can copy it from this link.

Step 14

From the windows menu, click on file and save the file with the same name i.e. “SMS email”.


Step 15

Now click on “run” and select authorize from the dropdown.

Step 16

Now close this window as well as the spreadsheet and then reopen the spreadsheet. You will see a new menu that is “Gmail SMS alerts”.

Step 17

Click on it and select authorize.

Step 18

Now go to the google calendar and then click on settings.

Step 19

According to your preference, set alerts on all of the checks available or only on mobile.

If your mobile number is not connected to your Gmail account, then immediately connect it otherwise you will not be able to receive the messages.

Step 20

Now from the same box go to settings.

Step 21

Select the “general tab” and then click the “calendars tab”.

Step 22

Here you will see “SMS mail”, tick mark in front of it and save it. Now click on reminders and notifications.

Step 23

Tickmark all the notifications that you wish you receive as SMS.

Step 24

Now move the “mobile setup” tab and make sure that your mobile number is verified there.

Step 25

You need to reopen the same spreadsheet which you used to copy-paste the script. Under tools menu, select “Script Editor”.

Step 26

Now, in the script window’s menu click on “Resources” and select “Current project’s triggers”. Add a new trigger here according to the frequency you wish to receive the emails.

With this you are done, now you will receive notifications for your important messages.

For any queries or suggestions, please leave a comment!!

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