Top 10 Best Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) for Gaming PC

Losing data due to power failure is a nightmare. If you are a Professional Gamer and loves to spend lots of time with your PC by playing high profile games, then you must have a strong Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system which is a battery-based power backup system to tackle these types of the situations at the time of power failure during the blackout, as it is better to play safe than feel regret later.

It is very irritating that you are at a crucial stage of your game after a long try and suddenly power supply cuts off. For pro gamers, this situation is not less than killing self or breaking the keyboards most of the time because I had gone through this situation. Many users think that do I need a UPS for my gaming PC? Yes of course, because sudden power cut may cause data loss to your PC and also damage some hardware parts.

Probably, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) are not meant for using it for hours. It is particularly used to safely save your work and shut down your PC at the time of power cut. Nowadays UPS are not a bulky or large component which requires large space to settle it down, now slim and compact UPS are available with good battery backup time are available. The marketplace of USP is conquered by established brands such as APC, CyberPower, and Tripp Lite.

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Buying the best UPS for Gaming PC is not a rocket science. You just need to consider some technical point while buying Uninterruptible Power Supply.

  • A number of Power Outlets in which you plug in.
  • It should have replaceable batteries.
  • Cooling system for heavy loads.
  • Know the kilowatt and kVA ratings
  • UPS Battery Backup time.

 List of Top 8 Best UPS for Gaming PC

The UPS which I am going to list below are the best UPS brands for computer and are perfect for Home or Office use with a good battery backup.

1. CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD

CyberPower CP1500 UPS

CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD is the 1500VA/900 Watts UPS system which is the market ruling product this time. It protects PCs, workstations, and home entertainment systems like stereo from data loss due to sudden breakdown of the power supply. This device is the Line interactive type UPS, which includes a special transformer to auto correct voltage fluctuations and will reduce your energy consumption up to 75%.

If we look at its outer surface, it has very nice and compact look with 6 power outlets, LCD display which shows output voltage reading, accident proof on/off switch and more additional features. For providing extra backup time, it is integrated with 6 battery & surge protected outlets, this is one of the best UPS for Gaming PC. For any technical assistance, this product has 3-years manufacturer warranty.

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2. APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA

APC Back UPS Pro 1500VA

APC Back-UPS Pro is the 1500VA / 865 Watt UPS system which provides Uninterruptible Power Supply at the time of sudden power cut. It is integrated with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) which maintains safe voltage conditions without using backup battery power. In total, this device has 10 power outlets from which 5 outlets provide UPS power backup and surge protection while other 5 outlets provide Surge Protection Only.

During the power cuts, an APC Back-UPS Pro Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is the best solution to provide battery backup for your computers, hard-drives, and other electronics, like your wireless router so you can maintain a network connection when you need it most.

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3. Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT

Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT

Tripp Lite 1500VA is the 1.5kVA 900W UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) & LCD screen to display output voltage through the device. For power output, it is equipped with 10 power outlets and a USB port which enable you to plug your devices into it. Out of these 10 plugs, 5 are battery powered and remaining 5 are only provided Surge Protection.

The backup of this device is great as it will long last till 90 minutes with desktop PC. Also, it has alarm sounds to indicate power loss or low battery and comes with 3-Year limited warranty & $250K Ultimate Lifetime Insurance for connected equipment.

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4. CyberPower Smart App LCD UPS

CyberPower Smart UPS

CyberPower Smart App LCD UPS is one of the slimmest USB ever build. It is the Green Power line interactive UPS with 75% power saving and 1000VA / 600Watts power supply to protects rackmount servers, networking equipment, telecom systems and more, and also corrects brownouts and overvoltage without using the battery. Additionally provided with multifunction LCD which displays the runtime in minutes, battery status, load level and other information.

This UPS has total six output power connectors of which four are Battery Backup & Surge Protected Outlets and the remaining two are Surge Protected Outlets only. For better assistance, it comes with 3-years limited manufacturer warranty and free technical support.

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5. Tripp Lite AVR Line-Interactive UPS

Tripp Lite AVR Line-Interactive UPS


Tripp Lite is the 500VA 300 watt ultra-compact 230V line interactive UPS offers complete AC power protection from blackouts, brownouts, and transient surges. This ultra-compact desktop Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) with energy-saving ECO outlets & muted alarm. Its superior battery backup will allow you to work through short power failures and gives users time to save files and perform an orderly system shutdown in case of a blackout. Its eco-friendly design is made through strict RoHS environmental standards to give 99% power efficiency.

This device is equipped with one USB drive, 3 battery supported outlets and 3 additional surge suppression-only outlets for other accessories. Its compact design will allow you to even hand it on the wall and conserve the space for other accessories of your Gaming PC.

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6. CyberPower BR650E-LCD UPS

CyberPower CP600

CyberPower BR650E-LCD is the 650VA/390 Watts UPS system which is specially made to protect your PCs, workstations, and home entertainment systems from sudden power cuts and voltage fluctuations. This device is the Green Power type UPS, which auto correct voltage fluctuations without using battery power and hence will reduce your energy consumption up to 75%. An LCD is integrated on it which displays runtime in minutes, battery status, load level and other status information.

The outer compartment is provided with four battery backup power outlets and four surge protected power outlets. This product comes with three years limited manufacturer warranty and is energy stars qualified.

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7. APC Back-UPS 600VA

APC Back-UPS 600VA

APC Back is the 600VA / 330W battery backup UPS Power Supply which is very much compatible with your PC, workstations, media devices, and more. This device provides instant battery power to your critical electronics when the power goes out. A USB port is provided on the top side to use as changing point for smartphones.

This device features a total of seven power outlets from which five outlets provide battery backup and surge protection, and remaining two outlets offer power surge protection only. Its battery is replaceable so that you can easily replace it when it will be dead.

8. CyberPower PR3000LCDRTXL2UN

CyberPower PR3000

CyberPower PR3000LCDRTXL2UN is the 3000VA / 3000W Pure Sine Wave UPS and is considered as one of the most powerful power backup devices in this list. Made with line-interactive topology to provides battery backup, power protection (using sine wave output), and surge protection for corporate servers, department servers, storage appliances, network devices, and telecom devices.

To increase its battery run time, you can additionally add up to ten BP48V75ART2U external battery. This product comes with a three-year warranty for better assistance and a $400,000 Connected Equipment Guarantee.

In the list above, I have mentioned all of the best UPS for Gaming PC from the leading manufacturers in the market. From my recommendation, the best UPS which can be used for gaming PC, workstations, and other appliances is CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD because it not much expensive and has many power outlets. It is my opinion, you can choose any of them which is best according to your need and requirement.

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