Top Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts that will Make Your Life Easier

Google Chrome is the leading browser and while working very fast on Chrome, Keyboard Shortcuts plays a very important role to save the precious time. It allows you to quickly perform an action without removing your hands from the keyboard. Many users don’t use to like touchpad and Mouse, rather they love to go with the keyboard.

Keyboard shortcuts are the easiest way to do things faster and if we talk about the computer tasks which becomes easy only when you know some cool and awesome tricks and these tricks is mostly completed with the help of keyboard and due to this it will boost your work effort and enhance your output if you know some impressive tips and techniques.


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The computer has simplified our life to a huge scope while solving a big time problem. Things that were impossible earlier can now be completed instantly within a second, and all credit goes to the “Computers”.

In this post am going to describe the keyboard shortcuts and Google Chrome Shortcuts which will save your time.

Now Let me explore the list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows for the easy access. Here we go..!!

General Windows Shortcuts:-

ALT+F4: – Close the active item, or exit the active app

ALT+ESC: -Cycle through items in the order in which they were opened

ALT+ENTER: – Display properties for the selected item

ALT+SPACEBAR: – Open the shortcut menu for the active window



ALT+PAGEUP: – Move up one screen

ALT+PAGEDOWN: – Move down one screen

ALT+TAB: – Switch between open desktop apps

CTRL+F4: – Close the Current Work

CTRL+D: – Delete the selected item

CTRL+Y: – Redo an action

CTRL+R+F5: – Refresh the active window

CTRL+(+):- Zoom In

CTRL+(-):- Zoom Out

CTRL+ALT+TAB: -Use the arrow keys to switch between all open apps

CTRL+SHIFT+ESC:- Open Task Manager

SHIFT+F10: – Display the shortcut menu for the selected item

DEL+SHIFT: – Delete the selected item without moving it to the Recycle Bin first

CTRL+K: –  Insert hyperlink for selected text

Also, Have a look to the Google Chrome shortcuts, which can give you the easy access and save your time.

Best Google Chrome Shortcuts to Increase Productivity 


Google Chrome is spreading rapidly, and it is being used and lies under the top browser on both Windows and Mac, here are few keyboard shortcuts which would help you to use Chrome more efficiently and smoothly.

I have used Google Chrome for more than 5 years and I can persuade that Google Chrome is the dynamic and dominant browser, so Install it, Save time and be more productive with it. Here are the shortcuts of Google Chrome:-

Best Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts:-

CTRL+Shift+T: – Recover all accidentally closed Tab and reopen the last tab closed using this command

CTRL+T: – New Tab

CTRL+J: – Downloads

CTRL+N: – New Window

CTRL+SHIFT+N: – New Incognito Mode

CTRL+U: – View Source of the Page

CTRL+W: – Close Current Tab

CTRL+9: – Last Tab

CTRL+1: – First Tab

CTRL+L: – Cursor in Search Bar

CTRL+P: – Print

CTRL+RIGHT ARROW: – Cursor comes in last

CTRL+R: – Reload the Page

CTRL+F: – Find Anything on Page

CTRL+D: – Save Bookmarks

CTRL+H: – History

ALT+SPACE+N: -Minimize the Current Window

ALT+SPACE+X: – Maximize the Current Window

CTRL+SHIFT+Q: – Quit Google Chrome

ALT+F: – Open the Chrome Menu

CTRL+SHIFT+B: – Show the Bookmark Bar

SHIFT+ESC: – Open Task Bar

CTRL+SHIFT+J: – Open Developer Tool

CTRL+SHIFT+M: – Log in with a different user

CTRL+SHIFT+I: – Open a Feedback Form

CTRL+ENTER+Type a site name: – Visit Direct to the Website

CTRL+K: – Search from anywhere on the page

F11: – Turn full-screen mode on or off

ALT+Click a link: – Download the target of a link

Ctrl+Scroll your Mouse wheel up: -Make everything on the page bigger

Ctrl+ Scroll your Mouse wheel down: it,- Make everything on the page smaller

That’s it, I have mentioned very interesting Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts which will make your task easy and accessible.

If I missed your favorite Keyboard shortcodes then don’t forget to mention in the comment box.

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