How to Validate Email Addresses before Sending a Campaign

Did you collect several emails from the Internet and want to send them information about your cool products and services. Chances are you don’t know if these emails are real, valid and not fake and if you choose to send them without Validating correctly. Then, you will be busted by the email server companies, because of too many bounced emails.

So, before you launch your Email Marketing Campaign to promote your website or blog, products, and services, It is necessary to validate all your emails before you launch a campaign.


You can’t check the email by sending an experiment mail to that email address, which is totally wrong and harms your campaign. So, what would you do to solve this case? Somehow, No, Need to hire the lawyer.

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Apart from it, You just need some proper guidance and appropriate tools and today’s post is based on this topic Free email verifier which will let you know whether the Email is Fake or Real?

So, Let’s move forward to explore the reality and remove the spammy ones.

1. Free Email Verifier

With the help of this tool, you could easily track your Mail, whether the Email is fake or not. It is the best free email verification tool. Just clean your lists from bad emails. In the search box, just simply paste the email which you want to check, If it’s fake it will show the red box while showcasing the bad results. Check your Email For free here.

2. Email Verifier

Email Verifier to verify email address online. This is the free verifier tool for email which will look up and check emails to see if they are valid or not. You can easily upload the bulk list of Email on this tool and it will sort out the data very quickly.

3. QuickEmailVerification

It is an online web-based email list cleaning service which allows you to verify email addresses in bulk or real-time using Rest API. Just Verify your email list and send emails that hit the Inbox and never bounce. With this tool, you can also check the bulk emails while uploading the CSV format excel. To Use this tool, click here.

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4. Email Checker

Email Checker is a free email verification tool. It helps you validate any email address online for free. Check here, if mailbox really exists or not and use the filter and accurate emails in your email campaign list. It’s very easy to use also, you just have to enter the email address and hit check button.

5. kickbox

This tool will determine whether the email is fake or not. You can easily track the person behind the email and let you know completely and freely about the Emails. Just simple drag and drop your list into our interface, Import directly from your ESP, the cloud, or your computer and more. It has multi features to enhance the interface, so just use it and explore the kickbox tool.

6. MybulkemailVerifier

Email verification is a process of determining whether an email address actually exists or not without sending the email. The email verification tool connects to the mail server & checks whether the mailbox. Use this tool here and check the email address exists or not. exists.

7. Hunter

It is the tool which let you verify the email address If You need to verify a list of email addresses then simply create a free account and discover the fake emails. You can also use this tool to check the emails in bulk Email Verifier. To check emails visit here.

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8. Mailtester

Mailtester is the tool which lets you verify the e-mail address whether it is valid or not. Also, reveal about the mail bounces and Get technical information about a mail account and it’s mail (SMTP) server. Access this ultimate tool here.

9. Verifalia

With Verifalia you can easily upload and validate your email address lists and receive detailed reports. It is the free email validation service that can tell if an email id is valid, properly formatted and really exists. Here is the link to visit the Verifalia.

10. ValidateEmailAddress

If you are looking to validate the email address then this free email address validator tool will help you do that in seconds. Check it This tool. You could also upload the bulk emails file to check the spammy and good results.

The tools I mentioned above is really effective and impressive. Use them to filter the spammy and good emails.

While sending the Email, we do have a legitimate and big list of Emails in which we have to sort which one is fake and which one is not.

So, to define this clearly use such methods and tools to prevent from the Fake Emails, If you do not filter the Emails properly, the mail would go to the spam section and the third party applications like Mailchimp, Sendgrid, would block you and snatch the access of the account.

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So, better use such kind of service and make your campaign more successful and profitable. Stop the increasing rate of bounce.

Wish you Good luck with your Email Campaign. Don’t forget to share your first experience with these Email Verification tool.

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