10 Android Apps to Add Text on Videos

Adding text on videos nowadays is very popular, people keep posting videos on social networks by adding text, editing filters and more on the videos.

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Most people prefer to choose video, they essentially skip the reading part for the video. A video reveals the accurate information and one can concentrate too, You can insert video in the content which makes the content more impressive and engaging.


But, Have you ever noticed the text/caption on the upper side or lower side in the video, when you were watching the video?

This is the annotation bar which keeps telling about the video or you could say it “video caption” and today am going to reveal how to add text on Video manually and also with the help of some Softwares, Applications, and my favorite Window Movie Maker.

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So Starting with the Window Movie Maker:-

How to Add Text on Video with Window Movie Maker

Adding a text on video with Window Movie maker is really an easy task and in today’s era, it’s very rare to edit videos and add captions or Inspirational/Funny lines on it. But how one can do this?

In this tutorial am going to explain the adding Text on Video with Window Movie Maker.

Step:1 First come first, you need to download the Window Movie Maker.

Step:2 Now, open the Window Movie Maker and simply add the video clips.


Step:3 After that, click on Home tab and choose Caption tab.

Step:4 As soon as you click it, It will insert a special window where you can type text or add a caption for your video.

Step:5 At last, You have to save your video track to apply changes.

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Best Free Mobile Apps for Adding Text on Video(iOS/Android)

There is numerous application out there, which will help you to add text on video. It is to remind that am not any professional video editor who is good in creating or editing the videos, It just needs to show our own creativity and innovation to make a video popular and memorable.

I can help you with the list of Application which will let you create the adding text on video. Here is the best free mobile application:-

VideoShow- Video Editor (Android)


VideoShow is completely free and exported videos will have no time limit. It is unique on the market. It is available for the Android user, generally, create videos and share it on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more. Click here for more.

AndroVid – Video Editor (Android)


AndroVid is a very handy video editor with many functions. It makes very simple to edit your videos. One can trim videos to remove unwanted parts, also you can merge multiple video clips into one video. You can easily add music to the video with this app. The app is available on the Google Play store.

Text on Video Square FREE (iOS)


It gives you an easy and quick way to put text, quote, message or any phase on anywhere on video. Select special font, drag, pinch to scale and crop your video into square or rectangle size for Instagram and other social networks. Just create awesome video text designs by adding beautiful Fonts. To know more about this app, then click here.

Vote (iOS)


This App is available for the Apple iOS. You will get this from the Apple App Store. This app has over 400 fonts available to use in the video. It’s very easy to adjust size, color, gradient, stroke, shadow and background of your text. This app is for the Apple user.

OverVideo (iOS)


This is the easy way to add text and music to your videos and it is available on the iOS, You can create your favorite video with OverVideo just in few steps, Select a Video, Choose the Font, Pick your favorite song, and you are done. Very Easy to use, user-friendly navigation. To know More, Click Here

Splice – Free Video Editor (iOS)


Splice makes it easy to create fully customized, professional-looking videos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you are the novice in video editing and creations then must use this app. You can adjust transitions, add slow motion effects and much more.

Software for Adding Text on Video

If we talk about the software then there are various software available, some are free and some are not, so let me give you the short view of Software which would help you to add text on video.

  • Pinnacle Studio
  • CaptionMaker 
  • Aegisub
  • Filmora Video Editor

Add Text & Titles to Videos by Using Filmora Video Editor

These apps, software and Window Movie Maker would definitely help you to add text on the video, plus you can also edit, add music etc with your video. If you have any other opinion then do let me know via comment, Share this post with your friends and family.

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