How to Write Long Twitter Messages without Character Limits

We all know that Twitter is micro-blogging but how can we limit ourselves to use only 140 characters? Aren’t you wondering if there should be a way to post tweets longer than 140 character limits on twitter? Well, actually,

There are many ways available to us through which we can write tweets more than the specified character limit.



Now you can write tweets longer than 140 characters:

  • In May 2016, Twitter announced that the “@names” that appear on the reply of a tweet will no more be counted in the limit.
  • Also, the twitter global team officially announced that photos, GIFs, videos, polls and quote tweets will no longer be included in the 140 character word limit. Therefore, you can easily limit ourselves to write tweets within 140 characters.

If 140 characters are not enough then you should consider the twitter tools below. I have compiled a small list of powerful tools that will allow you to post longer tweets. I hope you find them useful.




Instead of converting your long tweet into a link, Tall Tweets allows you to post your long tweets either as an image – or – as a series of smaller tweets. This way, your readers will not have to leave their twitter clients to see your full tweet. To access click here



Just press the sign-in button and start tweeting. After you wear those fingers down, simply hit submit, and your tweet (with as much text as twitter allows) will automatically post to twitter. Your tweet will include a link so people can continue reading the full message. To have a glance click here



Twenth is a beautifully styled site that converts any long text into a short link so you can create the mother of all tweets with 115 characters to spare. To access click here



This tool allows you to create full HTML Tweets with colors, images, videos and widgets. You can connect it with your twitter account and when you post it here, it automatically gets posted to your twitter account.  YouTube videos can be easily added and alternately, you can embed other videos by simply inputting the full code in the video embed box. You can use it as another twitter manager such as hoot suite, Tweetdeck etc. To have a look click here



It allows up to 200 characters long tweets, which is an increase of nearly 50%. They have opened up several new possibilities for the fast-growing Twitter communications platform.  So get more out of Twitter now with maxi tweets: up to 200 letters. To access click here

Also, check out:

For any queries or suggestions, please leave a comment!!

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